There's no doubt about it that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a special connection. Just think about it, they are STILL being linked to each other today – years after they broke up. Regardless of whether or not that's shippers hoping they get back together one day or if the rumors that they still keep in touch are true, there was definitely love between them.

Now that Selena has made the announcement to cancel the rest of her schedule for the upcoming year including her REVIVAL tour dates, it got Selenators wondering why this all went down.

InTouch is exclusively reporting that Justin had something to do with it and how his family really feels about her struggles.

A source said, "Her problems are a combination of drinking, partying and her lupus." Apparently, she is in a "free fall," and her back and forth with the Biebs is the root of the issues. The source said that the "Good For You" singer had a total meltdown and when JB tried ignoring her, it made things worse!

Now, his family is hoping she gets back to good place and on the right track. The source added, "Justin and his family are praying that she gets the help she needs. They just want Selena to get well." Aww!

This whole thing is super upsetting but it's really nice to see, if it's true, that Justin's family still thinks about her. She was a huge part of their lives for a long period of time so it's only natural for them to care about her!


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