Staying shady! By now, it’s no secret that some of Taylor Swift‘s most famous songs were written following her public breakups. But some of her other popular tunes have led to major fights with other celebrities.

John Mayer, for one, spoke out in November 2021 about the hate he continues to get from Taylor’s fans. The “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress and “Daughters” crooner briefly dated in 2009. Since then, it’s been widely speculated that her song “Dear John” is about the romance. John slammed the song during a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone saying it made him “feel terrible.” Years later, as Taylor continues to rerelease her old records, the drama with John as been reignited as some Swifties slam him on social media.

After an Instagram user DMed John following the November 2021 Red (Taylor’s Version) release, writing, “F–k yourself you ugly bitch I hope you choke on something,” he replied.

“I’ve been getting so many messages like these the past couple days,” the singer explained. “I’m not upset, I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope that I die?”

According to TikTok videos being shared online, the fan went on to apologize and explained that she was “dared” to send the original message. “I’m sorry. I did not expect you to see,” they added. John assured the fan that there were no hard feelings.

“So it’s a fun thing people are doing without taking into account that I might see it and be affected by it?” he asked. “It’s 100 percent OK. Go forth and live happy and healthy!”

All’s well that ends well with John and this particular Taylor fan, but what about the “New Light” singer and Taylor herself? Over the years, John has appeared to drop some subtle digs at his ex. Most notably, in November 2019 during an Instagram Live with Shawn Mendes, who sang a verse on Taylor’s “Lover” remix.

“[It’s] insane,” John said about the song’s lyrics. “Everyone keeps their Christmas lights up until January. And I go, ‘Can you really?’ Because normally I take my Christmas lights down on December 29. … We can keep the Christmas lights up ’til January. And then about January 5, we’ll take the lights down. And then we’ll put ’em in a box and we’ll label that box ‘Christmas lights.’ Yeah, we’ll put ’em in the attic until next December. Well, that’s a crazy love, I’ll tell you.”

As fans know, Taylor has never publicly spoke about any of her exes by name. But when it comes to other celebrity feuds, she has been vocal about an ongoing rift with Kanye West — which started in 2009 — and publicly made amends with Katy Perry.

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of all Taylor’s celebrity feuds.

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