Just like us, celebrities have their fair share of drama too. And we’re not going to lie, as much as we hate seeing our favorite stars fight, we low-key live for it. Some riffs are super random and unexpected and happen between two stars that we didn’t even know knew each other, while other feuds can occur between stars that we thought were BFFs. And sometimes the drama ends after a short period of time and the stars make up, while other fights are still going strong.

Take Taylor Swift, for example. Almost three years after her feud with Kim Kardashian, the singer is still shading the reality star! In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, she didn’t hold back.

Remember the time Justin Bieber and Drake Bell got into a seriously nasty Twitter argument? Or what about the time Dylan Sprouse totally shaded the Jonas Brothers? Don’t worry if you forgot, guys, because we’ve totally got you covered. It’s honestly hard to keep up with them all, so we went ahead and rounded up the most intense and random celebrity feuds of all time.

Scroll through our gallery to relive the most iconic celebrity fights.

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