Aside from her super catchy songs, gorgeous voice, amazing sense of style and iconic, show-stopping performances, Taylor Swift is also pretty known for her clever lyrics. Especially since she’s constantly throwing shade at her ex-boyfriends in them and doing it in the most epic way possible, right? Yep, the 30-year-old is pretty much the queen of hidden messages at this point since she’s always dropping little clues and putting Easter eggs in her songs, and fans love to try to decode the tracks and figure out who they’re about!

For those who forgot, Taylor has been linked to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars over the years, including Joe Alwyn, Cory Monteith, Joe JonasHarry StylesTaylor LautnerJake GyllenhaalJohn MayerCalvin HarrisTom Hiddleston and more — and she’s used the relationships as inspiration for some of her biggest songs! She’s also not afraid to write tracks about her enemies — like Kanye West or Katy Perry. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to her music, and fans have definitely learned a lot about her life through her lyrics over the years.

It can definitely be a little hard to figure out which songs are about which guy, so J-14 went ahead and did some digging. We made a complete guide to all of Taylor’s songs and who they are really about — scroll through our gallery to see it!

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