Aside from goofing around, Justin Bieber really, really loves hiking. What he loves, even more, is hiking with beautiful girls. We've seen the "Sorry" singer going for a walk with a several of his love interests/girlfriends/hooks up/whatever you want to call them. Between Sofia Richie, Jayde Pierce, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, he's now got a new hiking victim – Audreyana Michelle. So, who is she? Audreyana is a model signed with Freedom Models LA, according to her Instagram bio. Oh yeah and she's also Justin's current arm candy.

The pair were spotted hiking in Los Angeles where the DailyMail got a word from the Biebs. Unfortunately, it was just about how hot it was outside to which just said it was "hotter than a firecracker." A reporter behind the DailyMail camera told Justin how beautiful Audreyana was but JB wouldn't budge. He kept his mouth shut. But, it's important to note, the pair were all smiles.

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DOES SHE OR DOES SHE NOT LOOK ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE SELENA GOMEZ? Sorry, we're not screaming, you're screaming. Audreyana may look like a younger version of Selena but it's clear they have very similar features which led us to believe that even years later Justin has one type and one type only. And that type is the type of girl who looks like our girl Sel – brown hair, pretty eyes, high cheek bones, glowing skin and you know, just stunningly beautiful all around.

Of course, Audreyana could be nothing more than a friend. (Even if she does look like Justin's ex-girlfriend who he's definitely, maybe not completely over yet.) And we totally believed the friend theory until he posted a photo of him and Audreyana on his Instagram. Every Belieber knows he doesn't just post any photo. Everything means SOMETHING. So, Justin, what did you really mean when you decided to share this particular shot of you and your new boo thang? Yes, this is information is crucial considering he conveniently left out a caption.

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Shockingly enough, the comments on this Instagram aren't totally negative – unlike his first photos with Sofia. Lots of people think Audreyana is super pretty and one person even came up with a ship name for the pair – Jaudreyana. While it might be too soon for that, it seems like Justin is totally into her. He went on a spree of posting photos of things that seemed to mean a lot to him. Obviously, this is just a theory but he shared a photo of when he was little, and another of him smiling at a baby and even one with his mom, Pattie Mallette. It's been literally years since he's done that. He captioned the shot with his mom, "Your boy."

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Your boy

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Aww! For those who don't follow every move Justin makes, he had a falling out with his mom years ago when he was in that rebellious period of his life. They didn't talk for a while he was pretty open about it. In recent months, things have seemed to get better as Pattie has even attended the Purpose Tour.

After Justin made everyone cry with his mama's boy post, his photo with Audreyana was the last one to be shared. She was definitely on his mind and he was definitely feeling some type of way after their hike. There's no telling what is going on between Justin and this Selena look alike but we have a feeling they are happy they connected with each other. In true Justin fashion, he's yet again stirring things up via Instagram.

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