Katy Perry coyly said she would not have a song about Taylor Swift in her new album Witness, but based on her lyrics for her new song "Swish Swish" featuring Nicki Minaj, it is safe to say that the bad blood between them has just been reignited.

Not only do the lyrics make it clear that Katy is warning all her foes not to "come for" her, but a collaboration with Nicki makes it even more transparent that this was a hit at Taylor. Nicki and Taylor had quite the uncomfortable exchange on Twitter last year, which ended in a peacemaking performance together, but it looks like the rapper was ready to jump right back in the boxing ring.

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Here is a quick breakdown of the lyrics:

The first verse opens up with Katy talking about how little importance anyone's opinion of her has and references the old saying "A lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep."

She sings: "A tiger/ Don't lose no sleep/ Don't need opinions/From a selfish or a sheep/Don't you come for me"

This has a hidden meaning in that Katy once tweeted referencing Taylor and comparing her to "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

The second verse is the classic thing to say when someone has been talking badly about you.

"So keep calm, honey, I'ma stick around
For more than a minute, get used to it/
Funny my name keeps coming out your mouth 'cause I stay winning."

katy perry tweet

The line "Karma's not a liar/She keeps receipts" is also likely referencing the time Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor for lying about her involvement in approving Kanye West making the song "Famous," which had some lines aimed at the singer. When Kim posted the video of Taylor approving the song, Katy wasted to time tweeting a GIF that most likely represented an "I told you so."

While Nicki has had some beefs in the past a line in her verse could be calling out Taylor for all of her "fake love" saying it's too late to take back the things she said.

Nicki raps: "Don't be tryna double back, I already despise you/ All that fake love you showin', couldn't even disguise you"

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Katy told Billboard weeks ago that the song is not about anyone in particular saying:

The don't "come for me" line is in the song which only further cements this as a "Bad Blood" response. Katy will also be working with Taylor's ex Calvin Harris on his latest album, so that is bound to have more shots toward the 1989 singer.

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While diss tracks have been a part of the music industry for so long, it is a bit counterproductive to have two hugely successful singers battle back and forth this way and in such a public manner. Sometimes the best thing to do is take the high road and let the other person who threw the first shot bury themselves without getting your hands dirty or putting anyone "in a casket."

Perhaps KP5 will have a Katy and Taylor duet to squash this beef once and for all unless Taylor really comes for blood on her next album.

Listen to "Swish Swish" below and see for yourself what the two mega stars are saying through their lyrics.

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