Katy Perry has released a new song titled "Chained To The Rhythm" featuring Skip Marley the first single of off her upcoming fourth studio album. It has been nearly four years since Katy's last project Prism dropped, and Katy Cats have been waiting at the edge of their seats for the popstar's epic comeback.

With a heavily promoted campaign that featured custom Twitter stickers, chained disco balls placed in cities all over the world that played a preview of the tune, small hints posted throughout various social media channels, the star has been readying the debut of the song that is packed with sounds she has not experimented with in the past.

The song features a verse from Bob Marley's grandson Skip, and the lyrics are infused with a message about the state of the world that reminds its listeners to live outside of their own bubble and not to be "chained" to one ideal in life and never bothering to look outside our own selves to see the problems others in the world are facing.

The lyric video was released at midnight on Feb. 10 and it features a hamster living his quiet, mundane life and just going through the motions. Katy challenged her fans to focus not on the tiny food the hamster cooked but instead on the lyrics. The song has a dancehall feel with a cheerful beat but its lyrics, co-written by SIA, show a whole new deeper meaning.

"Stumbling around like a wasted, zombie, you think we're free?" she says, which makes the song a bit more political than many expected. The singer told fans that this new era would be called "Purposeful Pop," "poplitics and fans are calling it "woke-pop."

The star has been accused of staying silent on important matters in the past, even once saying she did not consider herself a feminist, and she is admitting it, but it is clear this new album and era will showcase a more socially conscious Katy than fans have seen in the past, without losing the sugary, brightly colored energy she is known for.

Fans welcomed the song with open arms, as well as its message, so mcuh so that a fan in Spain completely shaved his hair off after hearing the song. LOL.

The "Rise" singer will be performing at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and it will be the song's TV debut.

Watch the lyric video below and let us know what you think about the new song and its message in the comments!

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