The One Love Manchester benefit concert was beautiful for concertgoers and viewers around the world who watched from their living rooms. But, it was just as beautiful behind-the-scenes as well. Katy Perry released a video with clips from the day and there really was no shortage of love between the stars. Between Justin Bieber telling Katy she looked beautiful to goofing around with Miley Cyrus to Katy and Ariana Grande's sweet embrace, the video will bring tears to your eyes.

These artists came together for a great cause and fans can see from the video that their emotions towards each other are serene and peaceful. It's almost as if their celebrity status has gone away. They were there for the music, for the people and the victims of the Manchester Arena attacks.

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Just days before the One Love Manchester concert, Ariana finished performing at the Manchester Arena during a Dangerous Woman tour stop. It was then that the night took a fatal turn. A suicide bomber set off an explosion just outside the venue as Arianators were leaving. The attack left 22 people dead and dozens of others injured. It was tragic.

Ariana felt like she needed to do something. She organized this One Love Manchester benefit concert in just days. The other artists featured in Katy's video literally dropped everything they were doing to come and help support Ariana.

Katy's message in the video is just perfect. She is not only eloquent but fans get to hear why she decided to lend her vocals for the event and why she wanted to be in Manchester on that day. "I hope the whole world is singing together…I'm here to give love and for the love and to show support. I love Ariana and all the fans of music aren't just one fan of one artist. We're all in this together and that's why I'm here."

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One Love Manchester is a day everyone will remember and the video proves that the artists were just as affected by the tragedy as the victims, their families and Ariana.

No…we're not crying, you're crying.

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