Katy Perry is sharing a lot about her life lately, and we mean A LOT. Over the past several days she has basically live streamed everything she’s done and to cap it all off she held a top secret concert with 1,000 of her closest fans in Los Angeles, California on Monday.

Check out our exclusive footage from the show!

Katy looked freaking flawless and J-14 was lucky enough to score a ticket to the ultra-exclusive gig! It was YouTube who actually presented and streamed the event where Katy sang the hits from her Teenage Dream album as well as songs from her new album, Witness.

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The album dropped on June 9th, but this was one of the first times that she sang some of the songs live and we couldn’t believe our ears. Not only did she sound incredible, per usual, but she looked phenomenal. She literally sparkled in a one-piece crystalized jumpsuit and her beauty was blinding. She seemed super excited to be there even telling the crowd how happy she was!

There’s no denying that she was having the time of her life – her smile was contagious.

We need more of this Katy Perry in our lives. The Katy Perry that throws secret concerts and rocks out with her fans just because it’s what she loves to do!

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