In utter tragic and downright disgusting news, Katy Perry is being sued over an amputated toe. Yes, an amputated freaking toe. It’s not her’s though, don’t worry. As far as we know, Katy’s got all ten toes still in tact for the time being and we highly doubt she would ever sue herself over something like this. But, you know, celebrities are celebrities and nothing shocks us anymore.

Back in 2014, Katy was performing in Raleigh, North Carolina for her Prismatic World Tour. Seems normal, right? Well, yeah everything was going perfectly normal until the stagehand, Christina Fish, was badly injured. A wall allegedly ran over her foot behind the scenes and no one called an ambulance or paramedics for help. Instead, people at the scene supposedly put ice on top of her foot that was still inside of her shoe. The only problem then was that her shoe was filling up with blood.

This backstage disaster caused Christina to lose her toe and brought on some several emotional distress. This distress came from the fact that doctors told her she must live with the “dead toe” for as long as she possibly could before having it removed. Can you imagine having to look at that every single day? No thanks. TMZ reported the story and said Christina couldn’t use her foot for months. Unfortunately, she was an avid yogi which means that stopped too and we can only imagine what that would do to a person.

Christina is allegedly suing Katy, Live Nation, and several other production companies for what she went through and to be honest, we don’t blame her. This is traumatic and could have probably been prevented if someone called for help. According to TMZ, Christina was the one who had to call her friend to pick her up and take her to the emergency room.

Katy, Live Nation, or anyone else involved in the lawsuit has yet to make a comment. We’re wishing Christina the best of luck and the justice she deserves.

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