Somewhere along the way, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's friendship dwindled. There were rumors that the two were feuding and that Taylor's "Bad Blood" song and video were directly targeted at Katy! But, despite the longtime hate it looks like Katy will stand by her old pal after all.

Of course, Taylor made headlines last week as Kanye West dissed her in his new song "Famous" and we did not expect Katy to support the "Out of the Woods" singer during this time but she did and we're totally loving her for it!

A source at Hollywood Life said, "Katy will never see eye to eye with Taylor and they will share barbs back and forth on each other either by songs or behind closed doors but Katy feels what Kanye did was really low class."

MAJOR SHADE. You go, Katy! It's awesome to see her sticking up for Taylor and voicing an opinion on the matter. Taylor needed all the support she could get as she not only had to deal with Kanye's nasty lyrics but also her upcoming Grammy performance!

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