If you grew up in the early 2010s, then you definitely remember patiently waiting every week for the next KianAndJC YouTube video to drop. Kian Lawley and JC Caylen skyrocketed to fame at the prime of YouTube with their joint channel — posting challenge videos, daily vlogs and overall hilarious content. Not to mention, the boys still have a pretty steady fanbase on YouTube, with over 3 million followers. So, what has Kian up to now? Keep reading to find out!

What Has Kian Lawley Been Up to Since YouTube Fame?

Kian and JC still post content on their joint YouTube content, while also staying active on their separate channels. Kian occasionally posts on his solo YouTube account, SuperKian13, which is actually his original YouTube account.

In July 2019, Kian and JC premiered their new Big Brother-style series The Reality House. The show features YouTubers competing to win $25,000 and was an immediate success, leading to a second and third season.

Is Kian Lawley Single?

As for his personal life, Kian has been dating Ayla Woodruff since 2019, and announced that they were expecting their first baby together in April 2023! “Counting down the days till we meet you,” the pair wrote in a shared Instagram post to announce the exciting news. The couple created their own family YouTube channel together called OurDiaryOf3 shortly after their pregnancy announcement.

Ayla is a model, content creator and also owns the company MyMoomer, which makes portable travel beds for dogs. Ayla and Kian first announced their relationship via Instagram in July 2019, and during a March 2020 video posted on Kian’s YouTube channel, the couple revealed that they had been dating for eight months at the time. During a livestream in October 2022, the duo explained that they first met on a dating app.

Instagram/Ayla Woodruff

“I can’t believe my dream of being a mom is finally happening,” Ayla wrote via Instagram Stories after their pregnancy announcement post. “Kian and I are so beyond excited for this baby, we can’t even begin to describe it in words. I can’t wait to show you guys all the content we’ve filmed over the past few months. Thank you for being so patient with me while I took such a long break from all socials. I’ve been busy growing a human.”

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