YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki (AKA LaurDIY) is mourning the tragic loss of her ex-boyfriend Sebastian “Baz” Morris. The social media star announced that he had passed away on Sunday, May 31, after a battle with epilepsy.

“They say you fall in love three times, and he was my first. We parted ways in 2015 after almost five years together, when we realized we weren’t on the same path. Baz was the goofiest, kindest, most positive, brightest soul that I ever met. He was someone who didn’t have a lot but never hesitated to give anything and everything that he owned if it would help someone else,” she explained in a new video, as she held back tears. “Even though Baz had really sever epilepsy, he would not hesitate to throw himself off of a skateboard ramp, or a snowboard ramp or out of plane with a parachute or off of a bungee jumping bridge. To say that he lived his life to the fullest is an understatement. I’ve never met someone with such infectious energy and an infectious smile.”

The influencer explained that after Baz’s dad passed away in a motorcycle a few years ago, they reconnected.

“We were able to become really amicable friends after some time had past. We really wanted the best for the other [person] and rooted for the other [person’s] success. We would check in to make sure things were OK health wise,” Lauren said. “I’m devastated. I know Baz knew how loved he was by every single person who had ever come into his life. He was dealt a tough hand of cards and he had his demons but you couldn’t picture a happier, more selfless person than Sebastian. He did not let epilepsy ruin his life. He showed me, and everyone, that he was an unstoppable force whether he was going to have a seizure or not. It almost propelled him to live every day to the fullest because epilepsy was something out of his control.”

“Late on the night of May 27, he was up at his cottage which is his favorite place in the entire world. He was doing a typical Baz midnight swim and had a seizure and drowned,” the 26-year-old revealed. “I had heard from him just two weeks ago and he was telling me how he was volunteering in our hometown’s hospital with COVID patient intake. That’s so Baz, someone who has so many of his own health issues to worry about but was spending time with COVID patients.

“He taught me so much. When we were together, he was my number one fan, my number one supporter. He always wanted me to push to be the best that I could be,” she concluded. “He took me to prom, he was there with my family when I graduated high school. He was by my side through family funerals and family celebrations and overall, he just showed me what true, real, raw compassion and selflessness looks like. He had so little but so much to give and I will take that with me every single day.”

Rest in peace Baz.

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