We were all pretty shook when we found out Lauren Riihimaki, also known as LaurDIY, had a new boyfriend. We mean, it was pretty devastating when she split from Alex Wassabi back in September of 2018 after three whole years together, so we were all so happy that she found love again.

For those who forgot, the YouTuber first announced she was dating a new man in a video uploaded to her channel on March 6, 2019. And although she didn’t address him by name, she later revealed that it was none other than YouTube star Jeremy Lewis!

Since then, they’ve posted some seriously cute snaps on social media together, and get this — they even recently teamed up for a new podcast together! And although they may be flaunting it on social media, don’t expect to see a lot of PDA from the couple in her videos.

“I think I’m going to keep [my relationship and YouTube] separate,” LaurDIY told J-14 exclusively last year. “I just think your privacy is so different — an Instagram photo versus a YouTube video. It’s a totally different type of interaction of just a still moment that you’re choosing to share, versus, you know, 50 minutes of content that people can choose to interpret in potentially a wrong way. And so I just learned so much with my last relationship and I just really, really value my privacy now so I think, you know, less is more for this relationship.”

She also opened up about it in a vlog.

“I won’t be vlogging the relationship and vlogging our time together and our travels together and doing boyfriend tags or different boyfriend-related videos on YouTube. I’ve just decided that being in a relationship and finding love is something that I take so seriously. I would never want outside opinions to jeopardize that because it’s something that I do really want,” she explained. “I’m just so happy right now and I just feel like I have a whole new energy about life. My vibes are different. My aura is probably a new color or something, so I just wanted to let you guys know that yes, I’m dating someone, yes, I am so, so, so, so, so happy, and yes, he treats me so, so, so, so incredibly well.”

Awww. OK, how cute is that? We are seriously so happy for her! But who exactly is her beau, you ask? How old is he? What is his profession? How did they meet? And most importantly, where can you follow him on Instagram and Twitter? Well guys, we’ve got you covered. We went ahead and did some digging, and we found out a lot about her new man.

Scroll through our gallery to see everything you need to know about LaurDIY’s new boyfriend.

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