Just when you start to think Jojo Siwa‘s content can’t get any better, she goes ahead and reveals that she’ll be collaborating with North West — yes, North West — for an upcoming YouTube video.

That’s right, you guys! The heiress to the Kardashian throne will be featured in one of the “D.R.E.A.M.” singer’s next videos, and we’re not only shook by the news, but totally stoked to watch whatever this duo has planned.

The YouTube star explained to E! News exactly how the collab came about, and it can all be traced back to the tweet Kim posted on February 4, 2019, when she exposed North for being the huge Jojo stan she truly is.

“LOL @ North’s bow,” the reality star wrote. “She is obsessed with @itsjojosiwa.” Same, girl. Same.

After the 15-year-old internet celeb saw Kim’s tweet, she felt so honored. And not only did she reply, but she also sent North a ton of Jojo merch in the mail. From then on, the YouTuber and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star have actually become pretty tight. In fact, after Kim slid through her DMs to thank her for sending North a package, the two apparently exchanged numbers. The best part? They now text roughly five times per day. How crazy is that?

Jojo told the outlet, “I was like, ‘If she ever wants to do a video or you want me to come surprise her, I would love to do anything fun. Here’s my number. Text me,’ and she was like, ‘OK, I’ll text you in the morning,’ and it comes the morning and I wake up to a text. She texted me at 9:45 sharp and she said, ‘Hey, it’s Kim K.! Northy would love to do a video.'”

Well, there you have it, folks! A Jojo Siwa and North West collab is happening, and the social media star revealed that the 5-year-old will be coming to her house on Wednesday, March 27 to film. That means, if all goes according to plan, the video will be uploaded on Saturday, March 30. Plus, Kim might just make an appearance!

“I thought I would go their house because typically for babysitting videos that’s what I do, but she said that Northy wants to see my house.” OMG, we can’t wait to see her reaction when she sees Jojo’s colorful abode IRL, can you?

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