With colorful outfits that can be spotted from mile away and a sparkling bow always fastened on her signature perky ponytail, JoJo Siwa has made herself known as someone who likes to stand out. The 14-year-old former Dance Moms star, who has truly taken her career to new heights, is known for having a bright and bubbly energy that perfectly matches her vibrant style choices. But this leads some people wondering – is it all an act for the camera? Well, the answer to that is no. “JoJo” isn’t a character. Although her real name is actually Joelle Joanie Siwa, JoJo is the real deal.

In a recent YouTube video, JoJo opened up to fans about why she wasn’t quite as peppy and animated in her vlog. Turns out, she’s saving her voice for her NFL PLAY 60 Kids’ Day performance.

“I love doing YouTube. That’s where my heart is, and so it makes me sad when I can’t put a good, fun, energetic video out because that’s what I love to do – and that’s my passion. And that’s who I am,” JoJo explained. “A lot of people think like ‘JoJo’ is fake or ‘JoJo’ is a character. But like, it’s not. Like you guys know me – this is how I always am.”

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Jace Norman, who is starring alongside JoJo in the upcoming TV movie Blurt, can attest to her authenticity. Yep, that’s right. She’s just as lively off-screen as she is on-screen.

Jace said in an interview, “She’s awesome. She’s just this huge, just like aura of energy when you wake up. I don’t know how she does it. The persona that she has online is not fake at all. That’s actually her. She’s the hardest working person of that age – a girl of that age – that I’ve ever met.”

What a sigh of relief! We can all take comfort in the fact that JoJo is the same in real life as she is on our screens.

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