When it comes to the Dance Moms girls, it can all be a little bit confusing regarding who is friends with who. On the show, some rivalries and tiffs have occurred over the years that may lead you to believe that certain girls aren’t friends IRL. However, that is so not the case. While some of the girls have drifted apart and gone down their own separate paths in life, others still hang out and support each other all the time. So let us break it all down for you.

As for who out of the girls are friends, Nia Sioux is low-key the glue that holds everyone together. She’s close with legit everyone on the show, including: Kendall Vertes, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak, Camryn Bridges, Kalani Hilliker, JoJo Siwa and Asia Monet Ray.

nia sioux and asia monet

Perhaps the cutest thing we ever did see was a majority of the Dance Moms gals got together for JoJo’s birthday.

So yeah, as you can see, they are all pretty tight. But not everyone can be besties.

Enter the Chloe and Maddie drama. The dancers were pitted against each other as rivals on the show, but the two are actually totally fine with each other IRL. They’re not total besties by any means, but things are totally chill between them. In an interview from 2014, Maddie confirmed that they just drifted apart.

“Chloe and I are still friends, we just don’t see each other as much when we aren’t filming. She does her own thing, she does [events] with her mom [Christi Lukasiak] a lot. Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie and I are all traveling around the world together now, and it’s so much fun.”

chloe lukasiak maddie ziegler

Fast forward a few years, and it looks like to two are ready to rekindle their friendship. Considering the fact that Abby Lee Miller isn’t in their lives now, they have no reason to avoid each other. Plus, Abby was the one who pitted them against each other in the first place. We think they’re destined to be friends in the end – especially because all of their friends are friends.

Chloe left Dance Moms in Season 4, which resulted in her losing contact with Maddie. Even though she’s now returning to the series for Season 8, Maddie has now parted ways with the reality show. It’s a shame they can’t reunite on screen!

Chloe explained in an interview, “It was a little bit difficult at first because our schedules were super grueling and we really didn’t see each other a lot. Unfortunately, we fell out of touch whenever I left, and she left and we all did our own thing…I recently saw her at Nia [Frazier’s] birthday party and we caught up a bit. We exchanged numbers, and I think maybe when I’m in L.A. soon again well try to meet up. I miss Maddie. She’s really great and I’m really proud of everything she’s doing. I’m really happy for her.”

Here’s to hoping! So basically, some of the girls are closer than others – but it’s safe to say you won’t see a big brawl breaking out anytime soon.

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