Did you know JoJo Siwa has a brother? The actress and dancer has such a larger than life personality when she’s on Nickelodeon and on her YouTube channel. But even though the spotlight is on her, it doesn’t mean that her sibling doesn’t want a chance to shine. Get to know JoJo Siwa’s 17-year-old brother, Jayden Siwa!

JoJo Siwa’s brother is Jayden Siwa.

They both have J names! Jayden appeared in a lot of her older videos, like the super controversial prank video where they pretend their dad was hit by a bus. Lately, Jayden has taken a backseat. Instead the high school junior loves baseball. That’s pretty much all he tweets about! He also likes going fishing with their dad, Tom Siwa. His Instagram, on the other hand, is full of JoJo! Almost all of the photos are him with his sister or supporting her. So cute!

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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

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Will Jayden Siwa be on Nickelodeon?

Fans think that Jayden will be the next Siwa to appear on Nickelodeon shows! In November 2017, he posted a photo on Instagram from Nickelodeon. The caption says, “Big things happening.”

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Big things happening

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So, all of JoJo’s fans are now wondering if this means Jayden will join his sister on TV! Nothing has been confirmed, but this could be possible! He does seem to enjoy being in his sister’s Youtube videos. At the same time, he could just be excited for one of JoJo’s new adventures, like hosting Lip Sync Battle Shorties. Whether he’s behind the scenes or front and center, Jayden Siwa is clearly super supportive of his sister’s career. JoJo is lucky to have her family by her side.

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