Leave it to JoJo Siwa to have a car completely designed in all things, well, JoJo! The “D.R.E.A.M.” singer was gifted a new car by her parents, and now she’s taking the BMW for a ride with fellow Nickelodeon star Josh Peck. And of course, in true JoJo fashion, the 15-year-old star documented the whole thing on YouTube. Not only was she super pumped to take her new wheels out for a spin, but collaborating with Josh was seriously a big deal for her too.

“This is two worlds for me combining ’cause I work for Nickelodeon.. you worked for Nickelodeon. I do YouTube.. you do YouTube. Like, it’s crazy. This is awesome!” the former Dance Moms star gushed in the beginning of her video.

And as much as JoJo was excited, Josh was just as thrilled!

“Guys, let me tell you what a pleasure and an honor it is to be in this freakin’ fun machine – wrapped with her face. It’s almost hip-hop,” the 32-year-old Nickelodeon alum added.

The two even had a little bonding session, sharing how they got their starts.

“It’s actually kind of funny how it started. So, I used to be on Dance Moms. But when I was I was on Dance Moms, I always loved bows. Bows were always my thing. I’ve always been called JoJo with the BowBow.’ So I just wore them on TV – that’s just like what I did. It just happened,” JoJo shared. “When I was about 13, we were like, ‘OK, let’s sell these.'”

As for how Josh became a Nickelodeon legend? Basically, it was all thanks to how well he and Drake vibed on camera.

“I was 14 to 19 [on Drake & Josh], ” Josh explained. “Drake and I got our own show because we started doing scenes together on The Amanda Show, and we had this chemistry – and it just made sense. It’s so cool to see now, like ten years later, where people are like, ‘I love this!'”

And of course, the stars couldn’t end their video without a little car ride dance party session. The two jammed out to the beloved Drake & Josh theme song, “I Found a Way,” for a few seconds. And yes, it was literally something we never knew we needed in our lives until now.

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