It’s safe to say JoJo Siwa has a lot of famous friends. The 15-year-old singer/YouTuber/dancer/actress can truly do it all and along the way, she’s made friends with rather epic people. So that’s why when she stopped by the J-14 offices, we just had to play a little game with her, where we asked her about her favorite memories with some of her buds. From what happened on-set with Jace Norman, to her Halloween costume swap with Jake Paul, to that time she and Nia Sioux had a secret business together, JoJo shared tons of tidbits. Check out the video to see what JoJo shared!

But perhaps the sweetest was her memory with Maddie Zeigler. The girls were co-stars back on Dance Moms and when Maddie’s round was up, JoJo instantly remembered the moment their friendship really grew.

“This is kind of funny, so when we were all in Australia, this video went viral. Now looking back on it, I’m like, ‘Oh whatever, they didn’t really mean it.’ But back in the day, when it actually was important to me, the girls made a video online where they were at a meet and greet and they were making fun of me,” JoJo exclusively told us. “It’s fine, I could care less about it! But Maddie was so cute about it, she was like, ‘No, we really didn’t mean it!’ She was so stressed out about it and that’s probably when we became really good friends. And she was like ‘No really, you know how meet and greets are, it wasn’t a thing.’ She just tried so hard to explain it, it was cute. She was awesome.”

Aww, how cute is that? JoJo and the 16-year-old starlet have known each other for years now, so it’s nice to know they’re not only still close, but were able to work through that misunderstanding way back when.

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