There is some major Twitter drama going on between two of our favorite stars — and it’s probably the most unexpected pair ever. Justin Bieber and JoJo Siwa are in the midst of an epic social media war, and if you think that’s random, just wait until you hear what they’re fighting over.

It all started after the YouTuber revealed that she was gifted with a new car last week. But in true JoJo style, it wasn’t just any ole car. The vehicle actually has her face painted all over it, and as much as we’re loving it, it turns out, Justin is not.

The singer commented “BURN IT” not once, but twice on a pic that the company that detailed the new car posted on Instagram. The whole thing is pretty random and we’re honestly not too sure how he even discovered the car, or why it upset him so much, but clearly, it did.

Justin Bieber Jojo Siwa Feud

JoJo’s mom, who actually gifted the 15-year-old with the car, quickly came to her daughter’s defense, writing “burn your own things” to the “Love Yourself” singer. Ouch!

Justin Bieber Jojo Siwa Feud

And the Nickelodeon star also took to Twitter to share her discomfort over Justin’s comment. She retweeted a tweet that said, “What y’all mad about today?” and added, “Burn it.”

Talk about intense. But don’t worry guys, Justin quickly apologized to JoJo, sending her a sweet message on Twitter. “I have nothing against you,” he wrote. “It was the car and the colors I didn’t like. I really hope you didn’t think it was malicious or mean spirited.”

“It’s all good bro! You can perform at my 16th birthday party and we’ll call it good!” JoJo fired back.

She even posted a pic of herself in the car next to a cutout of the 24-year-old, which of course, she captioned, “Burn it.” LOL. Talk about a good comeback!

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So there you have it folks, this may be the most random and hilarious Twitter feud of all time.

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