Fans were devastated in September 2018 when YouTubers LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi announced their split. The famous internet personalities dated for a whopping three years, and they were seriously one of the platform’s most beloved couples. Now, however, fans of the crafter will be delighted to know that she’s found love again.

That’s right, you guys. In a recent video posted to her channel, the YouTube star opened up about the new man in her life, saying that we might be getting a glimpse of him on her Instagram in the near future. And while she didn’t address him by name, the thumbnail of the video seems to suggest that her new boo is YouTube star Jeremy Lewis.

“I’ve been meaning to kind of chat about this,” the 25-year-old said. “And I don’t want to make it a big deal because I don’t think it is a huge, crazy deal, so I wanted to confirm that, yes, I am dating someone and you’ll probably see him on my Instagram from time to time, on Stories, maybe posts.”

She then went on to explain to fans that it’s been several months since the breakup happened, and at one point, she really didn’t think she’d ever be able to get through it — especially since her heartbreak was so public.

“It’s been six months, half a year since the breakup and since all the crazy drama ensued,” the vlogger said. “I honestly did not know if I was going to survive an online breakup. … So anyway, it’s been half a year, which is kind of crazy to think about, but it’s been a hot minute and I just wanted to kind of clarify and also just let you guys know that having a private relationship doesn’t mean that I’m hiding things from you guys, because obviously you guys know so much about my life, like my anxiety and, you know, my family.”

Yup! Laur’s learned a lot from her relationship with Alex, which is why fans of hers shouldn’t expect to see her new BF on her channel. Instead of sharing him with the whole internet, she plans on keeping their relationship private for the most part, which means that he won’t be appearing in her videos — at least for now.

“It’s just that I won’t be vlogging the relationship and vlogging our time together and our travels together and doing boyfriend tags or different boyfriend-related videos on YouTube,” she said. “I’ve just decided that being in a relationship and finding love is something that I take so seriously. I would never want outside opinions to jeopardize that because it’s something that I do really want.”

TBH, that makes total sense, and since she’s finally found happiness again, she really doesn’t want anything to come in the way of that.

She said, “I’m just so happy right now and I just feel like I have a whole new energy about life. My vibes are different. My aura is probably a new color or something, so I just wanted to let you guys know that yes, I’m dating someone, yes, I am so, so, so, so, so happy, and yes, he treats me so, so, so, so incredibly well.” Aw!

This is a far cry from the video she posted back in September with her ex. Through tears, the YouTube star explained why she and Alex called it quits and what they were planning on doing to move forward.

The YouTube star said, “Basically, we just feel like we both need specific things and we’re not fully on the same page and we need to take time apart. So for us to come back better and stronger, we have to take time and focus on ourselves.”

Despite planning on being single for a while, LaurDIY has found love again and we seriously couldn’t be happier for her. Congrats, girl!

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