Watch out, Jake and Logan Paul! YouTube is putting new rules into effect on February 25, and they could cause tons of creators to get booted from the platform. Wait, what?

That’s right, you guys! YouTube is implementing a brand new three strike policy, which is a whole lot like the three strike policy we all had in kindergarten. This time, though, instead of a time out, three-time offenders will have their channels turned off forever.

So what exactly are the new rules? Well, the first strike will cause creators to get banned from YouTube for a week. The second offense (if it’s within 90 days of the first offense) will cause creators to get banned from the platform for two weeks. If someone dares to break the rules a third time within that 90-day period, though, they should expect their channel to get taken down permanently. Yikes!

Of the changes, a YouTube rep said, “We’re updating the way we give Community Guidelines strikes to a new, simpler system. We’ve worked with creators to understand what’s working and what’s not and you told us that consistent enforcement, clear policies, and transparency about the impact of a strike are most important. So we’re introducing more opportunities for everyone to understand our policies, a consistent penalty for each strike, and better notifications.”

Honestly, this will probably be great for the platform — especially since YouTubers have had trouble drawing the line between what’s appropriate and what’s taking it too far. Jake and Logan, for example, have uploaded several controversial videos to their channel. In one video, Logan uploaded footage of a suicide victim. In another, Jake made a racist comment that had viewers up in arms.

Undoubtedly, these new rules will present lots of challenges for creators such as the Paul Brothers, and it’s more than likely that they’ll have to change a lot of their content in order to avoid getting strikes. If they don’t, the platform could possibly remove their channels for good, which means no more Jake and Logan videos for, like, ever.

Consider this a warning, boys!

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