It's going to be very, very difficult for Jake Paul to come back from this one. The former Disney Channel star seems like he's had his head in the sand for the past couple of weeks. Literally, no one knows what he's thinking, between having several run-ins with the cops and Disney giving him the boot most likely because of the shenanigans he and his crew, Team 10, pull. But the YouTube personality has officially crossed the line by basically mocking a fan and implying this fan, who just wanted to say hi to him, could be a "terrorist" in his vlog. This is so not okay and social media is going OFF on him – as they should.

Jake started off one of his vlogs like any other, talking into the camera, dabbing on them haters and telling everyone to 'like' and subscribe, blah, blah, blah. The usual spiel followed by his plan of attack for a new prank. He would take his self-driving car to a fast food drive thru, order food, hide in the backseat, and have the car drive itself up to the pickup window where the employees would be completely confused.

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It was during this prank that one fan came up to the passenger's side window and said, "Hi, can you put this on blog, please?" Jake responded, "Where are you from?" The fan said, "I am from Kazakhstan originally…"

Then, this is where Jake went totally, totally wrong. He said, "It sounds like you're just going to blow someone up. Send the nuke!" Ummm…yikes. That is not cool at all and is a straight up racist and just terrible comment to make.

Thankfully, the fan seemed like he was too distracted by Jake's car and the fact that he was in the presence of his crew to notice the horrible and racist comment that was made. He keeps talking to the boys asking if they were in the middle of a prank and for a photo to which Jake agrees. But, that doesn't make Jake's previous comment acceptable. The hashtag, #JakePaulIsOverParty started trending on Twitter soon after. Jake nor anyone else in the car has yet to make a statement about the whole thing. Someone who DID chime in though and that was Jake's ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet.

The pair had a falling out a few months ago when she exposed him for being emotionally abusive towards her. Basically, he'd tell her he loved her and then bring other girls home right in front of Alissa's face which was not cool. Now, Alissa is thriving with her new boyfriend FaZe Banks and is loving every second of the hate that Jake is getting. She posted a tweet that said, "Me showing up to the #jakepaulisoverparty."

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LOL. Okay, so we know how Alissa feels about all of this and fans are feeling the same way. We've dug up some of the tweets that are totally slamming Jake and his crew because of the racist comments now going viral.

As if ALL of this wasn't enough, Jake just added a member to Team 10 who is known for his own racist remarks – YouTube personality PewDiePie. Jake tweeted the message, "PewDiePie is joining Team 10.

Check it out in today's video ???

Excited to have you on board @pewdiepie."

If Jake thinks the drama is going to stop, he's got another thing coming. PewDiePie was actually dropped from Disney in the past several months for a hateful video he made. Maybe, these two have more in common than we think. But seriously, this is all just not good. At all.

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