Let the 2018 Shorty Awards drama commence! The nominees were just announced and there were some notable names on the list including Jake Paul for YouTuber of the Year and his mom, Pam Stepnick, for Parenting/Family. There’s no telling if they are going to win, but Logan Paul was noticeably left out of the nominees. To be honest, we can’t help but wonder if this was all because of his decision to post a video featuring a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest” a couple of weeks ago. As we all know, he got major backlash for it. YouTube partially cut ties with him and he has been taking a break from social media to reflect ever since.

It’s all very interesting when it comes to timing because Logan has really stepped up his YouTube game this year and even surpassed Jake in subscribers at one point. But, it seems like the “suicide forest” video hit him hard in more ways than one. However, we should be clear. It has not been confirmed by anyone including the Shorty Awards that this is reason Logan didn’t make the list. It’s just our speculation. Because of the hate he got following the video, it may have been a pretty controversial idea to award him for something like a Short Award in the wake of it all.

Looking back, Logan was actually nominated in years prior which makes this whole thing even crazier. It’s not like the awards haven’t ever acknowledged him. They have. And they have acknowledged nominated him more times than they nominated Jake. Even though Logan has never won – Jake hasn’t either – he still has made his presence known. Logan was up for the Best Vine Comedian in 2015, Best Use of Vine in 2015, Best in Consumer Electronics in 2015, Award for Vineographer in 2014 and Vine of the Year in 2014.

We’re eager to see how the show pans out and who ends up winning in each category. A win for Pam would definitely be groundbreaking. Jake is up against some pretty hardworking YouTubers as well including Eva Gutowski, Gabbie Hanna, LeLe Pons, and Andrea Russett. Logan has yet to make a comment about the snub, but our fingers are crossed that he’s still rooting for his family cause we definitely will be!

Watch the video below and check out some of Logan and Jake’s cutest moments while growing up!

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