Justin Bieber isn't a vlogger but he did get his start on YouTube over 10 years ago so he's no stranger to the platform. Most recently, though, he appeared on his friend Christian Beadles vlog titled, "The Boys are back in town!" The whole thing is kind of underwhelming, to be honest, BUT the Biebs says some things and does some things that have us totally believing he was making fun of the way Jake Paul and Logan Paul go about their own videos. And with Logan's "suicide forest" video scandal still fresh in our minds, it's hard not to make a connection here and assume that Justin is throwing a bit of shade over to the Paul brothers.

Let's start from the beginning. Christian documents his morning and his way to the airport where he says that he's about to go on a snowboarding trip with a few of his friends. He doesn't say which friends exactly, but if you continue watching the video Justin's face makes his way into the frame rather quickly from the backseat of a car. He starts his cameo but saying, "What’s up, vlog? It’s vlog city time, vlog time with your boys Christian and JB. It’s not what you do, it’s who you are." He continues with the 'motivational' phrase over and over again.

Now, if anyone is unfamiliar with Jake and Logan's videos – Jake's in particular – they always start off with their own catchphrase that is supposed to inspire. Jake always spits out something along the lines of, "What's up Jake Paulers! If you're new here I'm Jake Paul and this is the Team 10 house. Make sure you're smiling, make sure you're dabbing on them haters, and without further ado, let's do that thang." And he's actually serious about it. Justin? Not so much which makes it all the more hilarious.

You might be thinking that this kind of far-fetched. That Justin could really want to just let the people know what he's thinking in the same kind of way Jake and Logan do. And, okay, fine. That's fair. BUT, in the middle of the video, Justin and Christian can be seen doing the dab – something Jake ALWAYS does and refers to – over and over again in a fast motion. That, my friends, is undeniably an action that subtly but not so subtly at all calls out Jake for his ridiculous antics on YouTube. Justin doesn't dab. Or he doesn't publicly dab, at the very least. So, when he's putting his face out there on his friend's vlog and doing the move known around the world as Jake Paul's staple, then it has become so much more than coincidental.

As far as we know, Justin and the Paul brothers don't have any beef with each other. They were never really competing in the same realm. Justin was an international star before anyone even knew who Jake and Logan were. But, celebrities HAVE been slamming Logan since his video went viral featuring a dead body. So this could just be Justin's way of telling him and Jake that what they use the platform for isn't cool with him.

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