There was so much talk around the holidays about whether or not Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were going to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together. It was the only thing on all of our minds as we frantically scoured the Internet for any small clue that the pair were even in the same city. Of course, when New Year's Eve rolled around, it was apparent that the two would be ringing in 2018 together in Mexico. But, other than that, things were kept on the down low during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now, weeks later we have finally got some answers after finding ourselves down a social media rabbit hole. (Thank God for Instagram stalking, am I right?!)

Justin actually spent Thanksgiving with his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Beadles. The pair dated way back when – like during the days when the Biebs was just starting out. It was before he had even met Selena. The days when he sported the long shaggy hair that had yet to be buzzed and bleached blonde. It was puppy love, but we can confirm that the exes are still chummy and keep in touch through Caitlin's brother, Christian Beadles.

Christian and Justin just made a video blog together, where they seem to be totally making fun of Jake Paul and Logan Paul. But, that's a different story. Their vlog is actually why I started searching through Christian's Instagram photos to see how much they hang out. It turns out they are together all the time. Christian posted a photo from Thanksgiving with the caption, "So thankful for my brother and sister this thanksgiving #happyturkeyday #family."

But, before everyone freaks the eff out and starts making up crazy rumors that Justin is back with his ex we have to nip this one in the bud right here and right now. Even though JB and Caitlin may have a whole lot of history, there is definitely no romantic feelings happening between them anymore. If Christian's caption wasn't any indication of that – the way he referred to both of them as his brother and sister – then Caitlin's serious relationship with her current boyfriend should be a real sign that she's over the "Sorry" singer. Her man's name is Logan Davis and they are legit #GOALS on Instagram.

No really, it seems like they are totally head over heels for each other. Between their pics kissing on the beach to riding horses in the ocean to taking adorable selfies, there is so much love here. And while Justin might be one of the most desired pop stars in the world right now, Caitlin has her eyes only on Logan. But, that doesn't mean the two exes can't spend the holidays together, right? Totally normal. Kind of. The only thing we're wondering now is if Selena knew who Justin was eating all his turkey with while she was hanging in Texas.

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