Jake Paul and Logan Paul are arguably YouTube’s most famous brothers. With over 25 million subscribers combined, the patriarchs of Team 10 and Logang have got big voices that reach lots of people all day, every day. But, just because they have used their crazy minds to come up with even crazier antics in their adult days, doesn’t mean it has always been this way. They were kids once. They were actually really freaking cute kids too. From carving pumpkins together at Halloween, wearing different colored wigs around their house to quite literally getting themselves stuck between a wall and a bed, they had a fun childhood together. We thought it would be a good idea to look back at these memories just to see where it all began before even a single person even knew their names.

Check out the video of Logan and Jake’s early days as brothers just living the simple life in Ohio.

Aww! Even though the boys might look like besties in these throwback shots, their relationship hasn’t always been picture perfect. Jake spoke exclusively to J-14 about the relationship he has with his brother Logan and how it has changed over the years both working in the exact same industry. Jake said, “I tried to be just like him! It’s so easy to get sucked into trying to be someone else, and that’s what happened most of my life with my brother. Even up until a few years ago, I was doing everything he was doing.”

He continued, “My relationship with my brother is competitive first and foremost. It’s always; Who’s going to do the next big thing? Who’s working harder?…Whenever I see him do something like if he makes a video that goes viral, I’ll be like, ‘Ahh, that’s really good. Then I’ll do something people are going to watch, so it’s this back-and-forth battle.”

In the end, like we saw in the video, Jake and Logan are related and they are brothers above anything else. While they may try to one-up each other when it comes to views or subscribers, it really is all love when the cameras stop rolling. Jake finished off by saying, “We both work really hard. We love what we do, we love each other and we want each other to succeed.”

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