Logan Paul is really starting to feel the effects of his decision to post a video in Japan’s “suicide forest” featuring a dead body. And we’re not just talking about the blow he took after YouTube partially cut ties with him. We’re talking about how much his life has changed in terms of just trying to hang out with his friends. Logan was caught by TMZ leaving the restaurant Tao in Hollywood, California over the weekend. Not only was he slammed with questions from the paparazzi about the incident, but his friends legitimately had to shield him from the commotion.

'TMZ' video.

Logan got into the backseat of this car. His gang in the front see and the backseat did their best to hide his face from being shown through the front window.

To be honest, I don’t think Logan realized what his life would come to before posting the video. I don’t think he realized how hard it would be to just try and go to dinner. I don’t think he realized that being followed by the paparazzi wouldn’t just be annoying but a constant reminder of his actions that he probably deeply regrets. Of course, this isn’t any excuse for what he did because it was pretty horrifying to watch. But, thinking about it, it’s insane the way he has to go about his public life now.

Can you even imagine the feeling of knowing that everyone is staring at you and asking you questions for one mistake you made? His crew shielded Logan’s face even after he was in the car. Legit was basically sitting on him in order for the photogs to struggle to get a photo. Because we all know that any photo they get of him will be splashes across online publications within hours with presumably not a very positive headline. There’s no telling how long we will all be talking about the video scandal. It was shocking enough that Logan’s fans and individuals in the celebrity community had no problem slamming him publicly. Fellow YouTubers have also expressed their opinions. But, this video of Logan was the first time we saw him in more of a human light since the incident. Just having a night out with friends won’t be the same for a while. But, he’s going to have to adjust. Hiding from the paparazzi and being shielded by your friends isn’t going to be able to work forever.

Watch the video and see Logan Paul and Jake Paul’s transformation over the years.

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