Fans of LaurDIY and Alex Wassabi were shocked to find out the longtime, cute AF YouTube couple had decided to split and go their separate ways after three years of dating. And while they still remain friendly with each other, their lives post-breakup have seen their fair share of drama. And in a video Laur – whose real name is Lauren Riihimaki – posted on her channel called “how I’m doing post breakup,” she addressed exactly how she’s doing, but also made it clear that she wants the fans to not focus on the downfall of Lauren and Alex’s relationship.

“Alex and I broke up just over three weeks ago and I just feel like there are some things I need to say,” the 25-year-old said in the vlog. “The first thing is I would really, really, really so appreciate it if you guys would not try and dig into things and look for signs or try and piece together different conspiracy theories. There is nothing. Our relationship isn’t defined by if we’re liking each other’s Instagram photos or retweeting each other’s tweets.”

So basically, she would just like for everyone to not try and stir up any drama! She and Alex broke up and since they already made a video explaining why they’re taking time apart, there really isn’t much else to the story. They did both say they consider each other friends and if you see an Instagram like here or there, it really doesn’t mean more than that. Lauren went on to say that she is single now so if she happens to be hanging out with a new guy even just as friends, there is no need for any sort of hate to be thrown this way.

“Alex and I’s number one request was to stay positive and today, I hung out with a male friend who has a girlfriend and on social media, he got — you just went ham on his DMs. That’s not okay. It’s not his fault we went to lunch to catch up as friends,” Lauren said. 

“Guys, please, this is what we want to avoid, negativity and hateful comments. That’s just not what me and Alex are about. This is our real lives. I am living a post-breakup life after being with someone for three years and it’s not easy. It comes in waves and I just want to make sure you guys know I’m a real person and all I want is for you guys to stay positive.”

Lauren and Alex both share their lives with the world on YouTube and social media but at the end of the day, she’s right: they’re normal people just like the rest of us. So let’s try to think about their feelings in all of this! As for how Lauren is really doing, she went on to explain that while she’s been happy and is doing well, like any breakup, feelings of sadness come in waves. Overall though, she’s doing just fine. 

“I’ve been putting myself out there, I’ve been hanging out with new and old friends, I’ve been saying yes to things I might not have said yes to a few years ago or when I was too comfortable. And I so encourage you guys to do the same. I think that’s a huge part of the healing process, connecting with people that you maybe haven’t seen in a while, or maybe someone new,” Lauren said.

Hey, if she’s happy, then that’s what counts here! 

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