Nia Sioux and Bryce Xavier announced they called it quits earlier this month – and now, the couple is making it known that there are absolutely no harsh feelings between them. The proof is in the heartfelt song Bryce wrote for Nia called “A goodbye to ex girlfriend” and posted to social media.

Even though they’re not dating anymore, it’s safe to say they have  nothing but respect and love for each other, and it’s all in the lyrics:

“If you ever feel cold or alone / Don’t be scared to just call my phone / ‘Cause I would never, ever turn you away / If you said that you were needing me.”

Nia wrote in an Instagram Stories earlier this month, “A lot of people have noticed that Bryce and I don’t post much with each other lately, so I wanted to take this time to tell everyone that we are not together anymore. Truly blessed for the time we’ve shared and I hope nothing but the best for him.”

The two had been dating for a year before going their separate ways. The former couple met at a dance call and immediately felt a connection.

“We met a year ago at a dance call – it was a hip hop class, and we met each other and maybe like five months went by and we ended up working on the same project together, for Target, and we become really close friends. Like, we were best friends. And we ended up liking each other and started dating,” Nia told Teen Vogue about her very first relationship. “He is super sweet. So sweet, and funny. And he’s just one of those people that whenever you’re around him you just smile because he makes everyone happy.”

It’s safe to say there are no regrets when it comes to the year they spent together, and the photos they’ve posted together over the course of their relationship are truly the cutest. Check them out!

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