Oh no, are Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly dunzo? That seems to be the theory fans have, as they’ve noticed there might just be trouble in paradise for the super cute pairing. So what happened? Well, let’s break down the evidence.

Maddie and Jack have been dating since January of 2017, and that was the first time they posted the same pic on their Instagram feeds – letting us know they were indeed a couple.


Since then, the 15-year-olds never shied away from showing their love for each other on social media, always posting cute pics and letting the world know how happy they were together. Jack lives in Australia, so the couple had been doing the whole long distance thing and totally making it work since Maddie lives in Los Angeles. For being so young, they seemed to have a mature relationship, and they actually knew each other for years before they ever started dating.

“Well, we met when we were like eight, and then years later we met again, and he’s from Australia, so it was kind of funny – and now we’re just dating. He just kind of asked me and I was like, ‘Yeah,'” Maddie once shared. But now, they’ve gone radio silent on Instagram. The last pics they posted of each other were in mid-July.


Maddie is no longer following Jack on Instagram anymore either, although he’s still following her. And when a couple who was once so vocal about their relationship on social media goes radio silent, that usually means something is up, right? Maddie was also seen dancing and singing along to Little Mix’s jam “Shout Out to My Ex,” which is a great song, but fans took it as Maddie totally throwing some shade.

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Maddie is throwing that shade like CONFETTI😂😭😭❤️💕 i love Maddie so much and will always support her!💕 – – – @niasioux @maddieziegler @sydneyb_xoxo @maddieorlando @darianorlando @emilyskinner__ @dariusmarcell @devenityperkins @nadiaturner @johnnyorlando @laurenorlando88 @kenzie @maddieziegler @melissagisoni @dalevorlando @merorlando @nadiaturner #jenzieedits #jenzie #johnnyorlando #johnnyorlandoedit #jvo #mackenzieziegler #kenzieziegler #mfz #kenzieedits #hannie #mackenzieedits #kenzieziegleredits #jenzieforlife #jenziefanfiction #jenziefanfics #jenzieisreal #jenzieconfirmed #juan #juanny #juannyortiz #jenzie4ever #jenzie4life #jenzieisreal #edits #edit #kenzedits #collide #whatif #happybirthday #mommymeltdown

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Fans were just as surprised to see that Jaddie could possibly be over for good.

A source even told Confidential, “They still talk and there has not been a defining reason behind it, just that it’s becoming more difficult to maintain the relationship between the distance and both their schedules.”

Maddie and Jack haven’t commented on the status of their relationship, so time will tell – but for now, looks like they’re over.

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