Maddie Ziegler is one busy gal, which goes to say that she truly does not have a lot of time on her hands to just hang out. However, when she does – she really does make it worthwhile. And honestly, her chill sessions sound a lot like ours. Hair, makeup, Netflix and playing games? Count us in! We caught up with the Dance Moms star to get the inside scoop on what her life outside of the spotlight is like, and she told us all about what she likes to do to unwind during her time off.

She binge watches shows.

“I binge watch a lot of tv shows,” Maddie exclusively told us. “I just finished Season 2 of Stranger Things and Millie [Bobby Brown], who plays Eleven, is one of my best friends, so I literally cried at the end of Season 2.”

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Maddie added, “[Millie] came to a taping of a show I was taping – and she came back and met me after and said she was a fan. Afterwards, I went to go on and watch the show and [someone] messaged me saying she was the one who was in Stranger Things. Then, I DM’d her, and I was like ‘You’re so incredible,’ and then from there we literally became so close and now we’re like inseparable.”

As for what else she’s watching, Riverdale is also at the top of the list!

“I like Bughead, which is Betty and Jughead. They’re so cute together,” she spilled. “It’s really cool because I love Cole Sprouse, mainly because I watched The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – and I’ve been watching since I was literally 6-years-old. So, getting to see him older now on one of my all-time favorite shows is really awesome.”

Despite being a fan growing up, Maddie would totes play it cool if she ever met Cole IRL. Welp, that makes one of us.

Maddie dished, “Im not a starstruck person. It’s weird. I get starstruck over like beauty YouTubers over celebrities, which is really funny. I wouldn’t be starstruck if I met him, but I totally would be excited to meet him because he’s so talented.”

She plays The Sims

Binge watching Riverdale isn’t the only side hobby Maddie has in addition to her superstar career. She is also super into playing The Sims – which totally empowers her to express their individuality and creativity, as the game has done for years. Like come on, we’ve all been mesmerized by the game for hours at some point in our lives. But even she’ll admit it – it was her little sis Mackenzie who started the trend in the Ziegler household first.

She tells us, “I am busy all the time, but usually when I come home from work or I do have a day off. All I do – me and my sister is literally hang out in my room and play Sims. No joke. We were just playing it last night. I am so obsessed with Sims. And every second I have off, that’s what I’m playing. When the Sims came to me and asked me to do this collaboration, I freaked out and my sister was so jealous of me.”

They may be celebrities, but clearly the Zielger sisters are just normal kids playing games in their rooms when they have time off.

“Every second that we have to be normal kids, we do what every other kid would do. You know? We’re not having that fancy ‘going to the mall, going shopping.’ I mean, of course we shop sometimes, but we’re just sitting in our bedrooms playing Sims,” Maddie continued. “I love to recreate my friends – and what I like to do is build a huge house and put all of my friends in it together. It’s so fun.”

She experiments with hair and makeup.

Maddie is always looking as effortlessly chic as ever – and as it turns out, she loves doing her friend’s glam too.

“I alway do my friend’s hair and makeup. They always love when I do it and I love doing it, as well. Even from when I was 9-years-old. All of the older kids in the studio would ask me to do their hair and makeup for prom, which is so funny. And I would always do it. So, yeah, my friends would always ask me to do their hair. For my friends, sometimes I do their hair and makeup for fun,” Maddie dished to J-14.

It’s safe to say a chilling with Maddie is all of our dreams come true.

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