It’s no secret that former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler has a real connection with music legend, Sia, but what we didn’t know is that the dynamic duo has actually lived together more in the past year than Maddie has with her own family. She even considers Sia to be like a second mom to her which is literally the most adorable thing ever. In a recent exclusive interview with J-14, Maddie talked about her upcoming projects and what her fans can in expect from her. She said she’s super excited about going on tour with Sia traveling around Australia and New Zealand.

However, she opened up to People magazine about how close they really are. Originally, we had thought that Sia had just changed Maddie’s perspective on dance but it seems like they do a lot of real-life stuff together as well. Maddie explained, “I’ve actually lived with [Sia] this year more than I have with my actual family, so it’s fun. We have the best time together. She teaches me how to cook and new things about life … It doesn’t feel like work when we’re together anymore. It’s really just a bond that we have. She’s my second mom.” Aww!

The pair met back in 2014 when Sia tweeted Maddie about being a big fan of the show. Ever since then, it’s been nothing but friendship. Because Sia is quite older than Maddie, she started off as a mentor of sorts. Maddie said, “I’ve learned a lot from her. She’s definitely helped me feel comfortable in my own skin. I always had a fear my teeth were too big, and I wanted to fix them. But she told me not to. She said, ‘It’s what makes you you.’ She always reminds me to stay true to myself.”

Maddie has even spoken about their age difference before. She said, “Even though she might be older than me, we are best friends. Sometimes she is like one of my closest friends, and I know I’m 13, so it’s really weird to say, but it’s true.”

While Maddie didn’t give many details about her and Sia’s living arrangements, it’s safe to say that this won’t stop anytime soon with a tour coming up. The fact that they do spend so much time together, get to travel the world and have other things in common besides work is the reason their chemistry is so amazing. Between red carpet appearances, Grammy performances and grueling hours working on a music video, Maddie and Sia are slaying the game in more ways than one. And Maddie’s family definitely knows she’s in good hands.

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