JoJo Siwa was in on the joke the whole time! The 20-year-old has taken the internet by storm for her recent dance moves to her new track “Karma” — however, she says the all-out choreography was all a ruse.

Keep reading to find out what JoJo said about her “bad girl” moves. 

The Dance Moms alum knew exactly what she was doing before posting her viral “Karma” dance on TikTok. During an appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast in April 2024, JoJo admitted that she knew her outrageous dance moves would do “really good job on TikTok.”

“With that particular dance move, it started because I was f–king around in the studio, video-ing the dance, and I was like ‘I wanna see what happens if I do it, like, overly full-out,'” she explained to podcast host Nick Viall. “Cause that sh-t would sometimes do really good on TikTok.”

The former Nickelodeon star also revealed that the TikTok idea was first inspired by a trend that she had previously took part of.

“I did this series back in the day that was like ‘doing this dance trend as if I was 11-year-old me.’ So I wanted to see what would happen if I did that, but as this dance step.”

After recording the first take, JoJo knew the dance would cause some controversy.

“So I did it as the choreography in ‘Karma’ and that’s that first one that I posted where it’s like ‘what the f–k is she doing?’ And I sent it to my mom and I was like, ‘Dude, look at this.’ I was like, ‘Something about this is crack ingested and you have to watch it twice.'”

Before she posted the clip to her social media account, JoJo had to think about the potential backlash she would face saying, “I was like, ‘I know I’m going down in flames for this one because I look crazy.'”

She was right! Once she released the video, it became a viral sensation on the video platform, with many TikTok users jokingly recreated the routine while others questioned her 18-year dance experience altogether.

Despite receiving hate, JoJo felt that she had to follow through and continue to post the absurd dance. “And so then that kind of became a thing. You know what I mean? I kind of had to keep doing it like that,” she told the podcast host.

While some fans have gotten used to the “crazy” dance at this point, JoJo explained that it’s a little tamed down during the “Karma” music video.

“When the video comes out, you’ll see that we’re in the ocean at that point and there’s water splashing everywhere, and the step is a little more contained, essentially,” she admitted.”But that dance section is f—king gnarly in the music video.”

Watch the “Karma” video for yourself to see the choreo in its true form:

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