Are you interested in creating a YouTube channel or building a successful Instagram account? Well, LaurDIY is here to give her best advice on growing a brand! It might seem scary and overwhelming when you’re starting a project from scratch, but with her advice, you’ve got a recipe for success! Read on to learn LaurDIY’s six tips for growing a successful brand on social media.

1. “Be yourself. I think it’s so important to stay true to things that you love, things you believe in, and things that you stand for. Building a brand around something fake is going to be really tough eventually. You’re going to dig yourself a hole and end up too deep. So be yourself!”

2. “Don’t get too stressed about comparison. I think it’s so easy to be like, ‘Oh, well, this person has millions of followers and my feed needs to have this kind of aesthetic.’ Don’t compare yourself to what everyone else is doing. Just focus on what you’re doing.”

3. “Also, have fun with it. People get so intense about taking massive photo shoots on DSLRs and stuff to capture content, but I think it’s just about capturing the moment you’re having fun. I mean, cameras are so good on iPhones now.”

4. “Collaborate! It’s so easy to make friends that are into the same things you are on social media. It’s easy to network and reach out.”

5. “Oh, I think another great one is be supportive of others. Everyone starts somewhere and it can be tough. You know, your first hate comment is always a big deal, so I think it’s just always being supportive and positive on social media. Social media always needs more positivity.”

6. “Don’t buy followers. I feel like it’s really tempting for small creators to be like, ‘Oh, this number looks great!’ But then they see you have hundreds of thousands of followers and get a hundred likes and people are like, ‘What? Wait, what’s going on here?’ So obviously people can go that route to get fast results of having followers but those are literally just bots. So I think it’s important to build an authentic audience.”

Reporting credit: Maria Fischer

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