Although celebrities have the most glamorous lives ever, you may be surprised to learn that most of them were normal high school students at one point! That’s right, not only did some of your favorite stars attend high school before finding fame, but some even admitted they didn’t have the easiest time there.

Take Lauren Riihimaki for example! The YouTuber, also know as LaurDIY, recently opened up to J-14 exclusively about her high school experience, and she admitted that she had some insecurities of her own.

“My biggest stress point was getting my schedule on the first day of school,” she told us. “I don’t know how it works now, but we used to get our schedule literally on the first day of school. And it’s like the panic of do you have lunch with someone? I just remember the year that I didn’t have lunch with any of my closest friends and it was like, ‘Oh no, I’m going to eat lunch in the bathroom! Like, I’m going to be that person!’ So obviously I just had to make some new friends and figure it out, but that was always the biggest stress point on the first day of school.”

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Aww Laur, you’re definitely not alone! We’ve honestly all had that fear at some point.

“I feel like everyone is just bumbling around, not really knowing what’s going on in high school, especially the grades nine and ten,” she continued. “You don’t know how to talk to boys, you don’t know when someone likes you. You don’t know what to do when they like you. So I think it’s just about finding a good group of friends who support you through everything and navigating that stuff with your crew and doing the best you can every day.”

As for what advice she’d give her teenage self, she explained, “Stress and crazy drama is always temporary. It seems so big and so serious and the end of the world when obviously it’s the biggest thing happening in your life, but stress is just temporary and in a few weeks it won’t even be thing anymore.”

What amazing advice! But what was the 25-year-old like in high school, you ask? The social media sensation revealed she was actually pretty different back then.

“I would say I was like semi-athletic… I was very mid-pack, you know?” she added. “I got pretty good grades, participated in some extracurricular activities, I got invited to the popular parties but I wasn’t necessarily a popular kid. I was very mediocrely popular. Very average, very average, I’d say. And also emo! I had an emo stage kind of coming out of high school.”

It’s honestly so refreshing to know that even celebrities have had their share of insecurities.

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