It's Liam Hemsworth's 26th birthday! And we wish him the best of days ever!

We love Liam so much, especially ever since he captured our hearts alongside Miley Cyrus in 2010's Nicholas Sparks novel-based film The Last Song, and ever since then we can't stop saving all our pennies to go catch the heartthrob's films in movie theaters. Let's face it, Liam looks great on the big screen!

From playing Gale in The Hunger Games franchise, to other amazing roles, Liam always nails it with his brooding good looks and enchanting light eyes. Even Jennifer Lawrence admitted to have been charmed by the actor! I mean, who could blame her? Not us!

Click through to see some of Liam's hottest on screen moments and let us know what's your favorite Liam movie in the comments! And, don't forget to wish him a happy birthday as well!

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