Of course, everyone roots for Cady Heron to end up with Aaron Samuels while watching Mean Girls and to be honest, we kind of hoped they would become a thing IRL too. Even though it may have never happened, it doesn't mean that they weren't super close! So close actually that they still keep in touch today.

October 3rd has passed but it was October 6th that the reunion between Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett took place and it was just as good!

Lindsay posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, "#nice #friends #j #Люблю #theworldisbiggerthan5 #facetime #iphone7 #stevenuniverseJOBS."

Ahhh! This gives us all the feels and it's super cute to see them both on the same screen again. Who thought that this would ever happen??

While fans may not completely understand all of the hashtags Lindsay used, it's probably safe to say Jonathan does. If they still FaceTime each other then they are bound to have some silly inside jokes. This really was the reunion to end all reunions. Now, can we dial Rachel McAdams into this call??

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