Jake Paul and Logan Paul are vloggers, yes, but first and foremost they are brothers. And what do brothers do? They give real opinions about each other, whether it's good or bad, and that's exactly what Logan did when TMZ caught him on the streets of Los Angeles yesterday. In case you know nothing about Jake or his current situation, he recently parted ways with Disney Channel. The YouTube sensation played a role on the show Bizaardvark and now halfway through the season he decided to leave. If it sounds a bit odd…your senses are probably correct.

In the past couple of months, Jake's behavior has been a bit, um, wild. He's gotten complaints from his neighbors saying that his house and the people who live there – aka Team 10 members – are loud, obnoxious and a nuisance to the neighborhood. But Jake didn't care. Not only that, but his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet exposed him for being emotionally abusive towards her. Plus, he was seen trying to push another member of Team 10, Tessa Brooks, to the ground. He failed because her boyfriend was there to catch her. All and all, this isn't Disney Channel, family-friendly behavior.

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While it's unclear whether Logan was chatting up TMZ about the Disney drop or Jake's overall behavior, it's obvious that he's not a fan of the entire situation Jake has gotten himself into. Oh yeah, and their parents are not happy with Jake's antics either. I mean, would yours?

Logan said, "Yeah, it’s tough dude. It’s Jake Paul dude what are you going to do like that’s all I can say."

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But TMZ pressed on and asked if Logan has ever given Jake advice or told him he needs to turn it down. Logan responded, "Bro, I, every day. Like, it’s tough cause he’s gotta do the vlog life, that’s what we do, but at the same token you gotta be a human being and, while I’ve given him plenty of advice, sometimes he takes it and sometimes he doesn’t. I’ve done my due diligence."

Okay, now we're getting somewhere. After losing his job at Disney, one would think that this would put Jake in line. Logan actually agrees. After TMZ asked if Logan thinks this whole situation – Disney and his recent shenanigans – has been a wake-up call, he said, "Oh yeah. He’s a smart kid, he really is, so I think the message has hit him hard enough in the face that he now realizes it’s time to tone down just a bit." HELLO, PEOPLE, you heard it here first. Jake Paul has gotten some sort of message…finally.

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While Logan can't speak on behalf of Jake himself, he did give some insight about what his parents think. He said, "Yeah, my parents were upset. They're parents bro, but it’s like he’s a loose cannon. I’ve said it like that’s all there is to it, dude. I don’t know it’s Jake Paul…'like' and subscribe." In true vlog world fashion, just 'like' and subscribe and everything will be okay.

No, all jokes aside, Logan was very open and honest. Well, as open and honest as he can be without totally throwing his brother under the bus. He gave away enough information to show the world that Jake may have finally come to his senses about what is going on and the consequences of his actions. When Jake made a vlog statement about why he and Disney Channel parted ways, he said that their brands didn't line up. The web star explained that he wanted to make more adult content and not act like a child or put limitations on what he did because he was also a Disney Channel name. However, after Logan's words, it feels like Disney Channel was just not into that everyday bro flow vlog life.

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