It's been just about a month since Logan Paul posted a vlog containing content from Japan's "suicide forest" to his YouTube channel for 16.3 million subscribers to watch. At first, it may have just sounded like the typical obnoxious shenanigans Logan and his brother, Jake Paul, pull in order to rake in views. But, this time, Logan crossed the line. Just in case you haven't heard, Logan actually shared footage of a man who had died by suicide shortly before he and his crew showed up with cameras. Instead of putting the equipment down, Logan continued to film, even laughing at one point. Of course, he's gotten major backlash since the event from fans, celebrities, and just about everyone.

Just when we thought the entire thing was over and Logan was turning over a new leaf in his career – uploading a video full of information about suicide prevention with actual sources and experts – new information has come up in the case. Because doesn't it always? It's being reported that Logan's original "suicide forest" video actually inspired video games. Yes, so basically a few people thought it was a good idea to recreate the video in game form so people can play it as if they were actually there with Logan or as Logan.

According to Newshub, there have been TWO indie game parodies which have since been removed from the Google Play Store. (Thank goodness.) But, they are apparently still out there in some form. The hosting service, Game Jolt, has 'Logan Paul in The Suicide Forest' up for playing at the moment. Newshub is reporting that the game synopsis indicates that you are able to play Logan Paul searching for bodies in the forest. The objective is to get millions of views on your YouTube channel. But, it also says that you as the character must be careful of what lies in the dangerous forest trying to dodge your fate as becoming one of the bodies yourself. Yes, it's disgusting.

There is also another game called, 'Logan Paul: Suicide Forest Run,' where he must collect coins which are equal to 'likes' and 'views' on social media. However, there is a chance he could fall to his death. While trying to collect the coins, the video game version of Logan is running through a forest of nooses.

The whole thing is incredibly confusing. WHY would anyone actually put this kind of content online for people to play? The topic of suicide should never be played with lightly let alone glorified for a YouTube vlog or a video game. This is something to be taken seriously. The fact that we have come to this level is confusing and sad. We had hoped Logan learned his lesson after everything that went down and with his most current video, it seems like he is getting there. But, this video game nonsense has us thinking that society as a whole has not quite gotten there. At this point, I'm not really sure how to stop this. Or how to make it go away. But, I find it triggering, insensitive and irresponsible that these games exist. My hope in writing this was not to spread awareness about the game so that more people can go play them. But, to get the word out so maybe it will reach Logan and just maybe he can put a stop to something he started.

Check out Logan Paul's latest Youtube video that calls for suicide prevention.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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