Aside from having everyone jam out to her new album Melodrama, Lorde also had her fans scratching their heads when rumors began to swirl that she had a secret Instagram account where she rated onion rings.

Sounds a little bizarre, and it was all pretty much a rumor since the singer never posed directly with the fried treats. Well, her love for the circular shaped food and her dedication to finding the best one is no longer speculation.

Lorde confessed that she’s was the mastermind behind @onionringsworldwide while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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The interview took a turn to discuss the “Green Light” singer’s love for the fried food, when she began talking about her writing process for the record – which had her turning to New York City diners to put all her thoughts together.

So how did she become the now undisputed queen of onion rings? It all started with her friends. “It started as a funny thing to do with my friends while on tour and I was like, this is a fun pastime,” she dished.

It was a hilarious pastime for everyone who came across the account before she took it down, and everyone finding out about it was part of the reason why it no longer exists.

The singer admitted, “I just felt like everyone knows about it now and I didn’t want it to be seen as something I’m doing to crave fame.”

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“Then people were going to be throwing onion rings at me while on tour,” she continued to say.

Now that would be a little weird, but no doubt someone at some point is actually going to do it or gift her something with pictures of the fried little treat.

Though fans shouldn’t worry, the singer is going to keep eating onion rings even though she won’t be sharing her hilarious opinions of them for all to see.

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