Loren Gray and her boyfriend, Geo who is also known by the names Flamingeos or Juwany Roman confirmed their relationship a few months ago.

Now it seems that the two have decided to go their separate ways and call it quits, and the details surrounding their split are startling!

First, Loren took to Twitter a few days ago to confirm the split. She didn’t say much at the time, and only thanked fans for understanding.

Later on that same day, Loren decided to go live with a broadcast on YouNow and explain the frightening reason why she had to end the relationship.

Loren told fans that Geo was controlling and jealous. He wanted to control every aspect of her life, and she refused to be with someone who wanted to tell her what to wear, and who she could be friends with.

After she decided this was a relationship she no longer wanted to be in, Geo didn’t want to accept the breakup and Loren’s own mother had to get involved and speak with Geo’s mother! She also told fans the reason she was speaking out was because she didn’t want Geo to turn the situation around and blame her for the breakup.

Loren then explained to her viewers that she had to do what was best for her despite how hard of a decision it was, and that when you care about someone you should show them respect in the same way.

She then ended her broadcast by telling fans that she would never allow someone to control her in that way again, and if they were to find themselves in a similar situation to turn away from that person.

It was extremely brave for Loren to speak out on this experience, and share it with her fans as well.

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