She has always been known for her dancing skills but Maddie Ziegler is now making headlines for a more grown up reason! The Dance Moms star might be in her first real relationship and fans are freaking out over it.

The Pittsburgh native posted a photo on Instagram posing with a super cute boy in a bathroom while sitting on his lap. Yes, it sounds scandalous but it really looks all very innocent. She wrote, "missing you ❤." NO. way. Not only that but this same boy also posted the same photo on his Instagram account with the message, "Miss my girl ❤."

Aww! Okay, we don't know about you, but they look really cozy and happy together. Celebrities usually don't post photos like this with their friends unless they are joking around and this does not seem to be a laughing matter. These two really do miss each other and our hearts are swooning over the young love.

So, who is this guy? There's actually not many details out there but his name is Jack Kelly and he's reallyyyy cute. The pair reportedly met back in January when Maddie was on tour in Jack's home country of Australia. It was then that they started posting photos together but no one thought it was serious.

They do live across the world from each other so it seems like it would be hard to stay in touch. It's only now that people are taking this relationship seriously as they are back together again and using hearts to describe how they feel about each other!

7 weeks ago, Jack posted their first bathroom selfie together with the simple caption of, "?."

But, that's not all. He ALSO posted a second shot of the two and this time, he was kissing her head. Maddie is smiling from ear to ear and looks incredibly happy. He captioned this shot, "See you soon ?."

Another purple heart?! What could this mean?? Maddie hasn't been shy about posting photos with her boy either. Back in January, she shared the same bathroom photo, and yes it had the same purple heart. But, she also shared a photo of her, Jack and another male friend at a bowling alley. She captioned that one, "?#ytb."

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Could this have been a possible date? Fans in her Instagram comments section have cleverly already dubbed the couple Jaddie. However, there's no telling what's really going on between these two. Since they are both super young and live extremely far apart, they could just be having fun right now. Not only that but because this is Maddie's first relationship in the spotlight, she may not want to go public so soon. Of course, that can lead to question after question after question by the fans.

And this girl's schedule is busy! She's got a lot going on and a lot to focus on professionally before she can think to answer anything about her love life. However, Maddie and Jack are VERY adorable and we can only hope that things work out between the them!

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