With Abby Lee Miller set to make her final appearance on Dance Moms before heading off to prison. Now that the fate of the team in a different leader's hands, one of the original members of the team, Maddie Ziegler, is speaking out. Before all of this drama recently, Maddie clearly separated herself from the show. But, her true feelings haven't been revealed until now.

Of course, she's talked about how stressful that time of her life really was but she's done beating around the bush. She totally slammed the show in kind of the most epic way ever. Maddie appeared on Raw and played a word association game with her Book of Henry co-star Jaeden Lieberher. In the middle of all different words, he says, "Dance Moms" to which she replies with "the worst."

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OMG! You are kidding me…

Okay, so Maddie literally hates Dance Moms if that wasn't obvious to anyone else. Her slight eye roll is totally on point and emphasizes the fact that she is so over those days. She is so over that culture – not the dance culture itself but the environment that Dance Moms was. To be honest, we were secretly hoping Jaeden would say the words "Abby Lee Miller" but he refrained.

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Regardless of her dislike for Dance Moms, Maddie gave us some other clues about her life and how she feels about certain things in the video. Zac Efron IS hot and High School Musical IS the best thing ever. No one can argue with her on those.

Not only that but she basically said she loves her boyfriend Jack Kelly and it's the cutest thing ever. Yes, you guys, we saw her blush too. Their relationship is so cute and they've been dating for six months which is a pretty big milestone considering the fact that he lives in Australia!

All in all, Maddie needs to play this word association game more often. She spills some of the greatest things under pressure!

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