Hwasa is changing the K-pop world! The singer, whose known for being the maknae (a.k.a. youngest) member of girl band MAMAMOO, is one of the most popular female solo artists in South Korea. Keep reading to learn more about Hwasa, who is making waves in the idol industry!

Who Is Hwasa?

The singer-songwriter, 28, debuted with the rest of the MAMAMOO members in 2014, which include bandmates Solar, Moonbyul and Wheein. Throughout her time in the spotlight, Hwasa became known for her stellar voice, drawing attention for her deep and husky tone. On top of that, Hwasa also often speaks out with problems in the K-pop industry, such as its strict beauty standards.

During a MAMAMOO concert from 2018, Hwasa told a heartwrenching story about an audition she once attended before debuting with MAMAMOO. While the casting agents were impressed by her musical and singing abilities, they ultimately turned her down with one cutthroat comment: “You’re fat and not pretty.”

Hwasa explained to the crowd that from that day on, she vowed one thing to herself. “If I am not pretty by today’s standards, I will become a new and different standard of beauty.” Preach!

In 2019, the K-pop idol finally made her solo debut with “Twit.” She released her hit song “Maria” in 2021, which cemented her superstar status.

“‘Maria’ is a very meaningful song to me,” she told NME in July 2022. “I was envisioning and planning this song ever since I was a trainee. With some luck – be it the lyrics, be it the song, all aspects of it – it really fell into place as I wanted. I’m a very, very big fan of ‘Maria.’”

Despite her impressive fame as a soloist, Hwasa acknowledges that her MAMAMOO bandmates are the reason behind that success.

“I learned a lot from them socially,” the Korean artist told the outlet, explaining that she grew up with her members. “As an artist, too, I don’t think Hwasa would exist without the members.”


MAMAMOO debuted in 2014 with their track “Mr. Ambiguous,” and is managed by Rainbow Bridge World company. The 4-member group is highly regarded in the K-pop industry for their live vocals, stage presence and performances.

The girl group is unique in that they often challenge conventional Korean beauty standards, break gender stereotypes and conduct themselves in manners that most K-pop artist’s avoid. We love to see it!

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