YouTube-famous couple Marcus and Kristin Johns took to Instagram on Tuesday, May 12, and revealed that they had been in a “horrible” hit-and-run car accident the night before. According to their post, the couple was biking on a trail alongside other “other bikers and pedestrians,” when a car “driving erratically and swerving” hit them “head on.” Kristin told their husband that they “flew about 50 feet from the impact.”

According to Marcus, the driver that hit them was “apparently part of a burglary, and was trying to run from the cops.” He explained that the “car hit us on purpose to try to get the cops’ attention away from him so he could get away. We don’t know if he’s been caught yet.”

“I blacked out until I got to the hospital. So after, I don’t know what really happened. Sadly, Kristin was fully conscious and had to watch me unresponsive on the concrete [until the] ambulance arrived for us,” Marcus remembered in the caption of his tearful Instagram video. “When I woke up and was trying to explain what happened, and I didn’t think people would believe me that I was convinced he was trying to actually kill us. But now it all makes sense if the robbery and police pursuit is officially confirmed. Anyways, scary stuff. We are better now but please keep us in your prayers. We love you all.”

Details of the alleged robbery and police pursuit are still unclear along with the location and time of the accident, People Magazine reported after the internet star’s video hit the web.

Kristin added in her own Instagram video, “My femur is broken and Marcus’s leg is broken as well. We both had surgery this morning. I am thankful to have you guys who I know love us [and] have faith so please just lift us up [and] praise Jesus for saving us. I am thankful that we are alive.”

Now, a few days after the entire accident went down, the influencers have given their followers an important health update. After their respective surgeries, Marcus told fans that he’s “waking with a walker,” while Kristin stood up during her first physical therapy session.

“Would love to be able to put my full weight on my leg but my upper body is doing most the lifting as of now. Either way, I’m mobile and they are saying I will likely be discharged tomorrow,” Marcus wrote alongside a video of him walking while in the hospital. Kristin added in her own Instagram caption, “This afternoon I was able to take about five steps which is CRAZY! I am so motivated to get up [and] walk with a walker because then we can go home [and] be with family.”

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