Matthew Underwood has become a real life hero. The Zoey 101 star intervened when he witnessed a terrible car crash happen, and that is when he was able to rescue a 4-month-old baby from the backseat of the car.

TMZ is reporting that the car accident took place after the baby's mother passed out behind the wheels as a result of being under the effects of an illegal substance. The outlet's police sources said that the Nickelodeon star was one of the first people to pull over to help after the accident which took place last Thursday in Port St. Lucie, FL.

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The driver drove through six lanes of traffic and the car only stopped after they crashed into a tree with the child in the backseat. The father was also passed out in the backseat, while the child sat in an unsecured baby car seat next to him.

Matt approached the vehicle and once he saw the parents were unresponsive he removed the baby from the car and had his brother call 911. The actor recorded parts of the incident before the police arrived and he told TMZ that he had decided to record the scene as soon as he saw that the parents were passed out inside and that he wanted to get the scene on video he stepped in "in case things went south."

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Though the child was unharmed, both parents were taken in by law enforcement for child neglect and drug possession while the baby was handed over to a family member.

The actor told them that he "couldn't have just driven by without helping." Aww! What a good person. This is not the first time Matt encounters a crazy situation in his community. One of his most recent posts on Instagram shows video footage of a car chase that happened right in his backyard!

"Sooo cops just chased a suspect through my backyard and lost him…At My Back Yard! We were hanging outside when they come storming up and the pursuing officers STOP right at my property line as the suspect goes barreling through," he wrote.

"I appreciate the respect of my privacy guys but the safety of the community supersedes that in my book. Good luck out there #PSLPD and #StLucieSherriffs – Stay Safe!"

We love that he is so worried about his community and are proud that he is not afraid to help people in bad situations.

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