It's only been a couple weeks since the world got news Raven Baxter was returning to the Disney Channel. Now, even more details are surfacing and fans everywhere cannot contain their excitement!

The spin off series is set to hit our living rooms in 2017 and casting is officially happening. The show is reportedly going to follow Raven and her two kids, one of whom has picked up her gift of seeing the future!

Even though we may not know the actors who are going to star as Raven's children just yet, E! News has discovered their names and personalities. Raven's daughter is named Nia. E! says she is, "bold and confident daughter who frequently finds herself in over her head. She's well-intentioned and won't give up when she sets her mind to something (even if it gets her into trouble), and always wants to help people and do what's right.

She just started middle school and is great at science (though average in other subjects)—and her life gets way more complicated when she suddenly gets the power to see visions of the future."


Ahh, so it's Raven's daughter who has been given the power to see the future! But, what is her son like? His name is Booker and E! reveals, "He's gullible and innocent and in no rush to grow up—and is an unapologetic mama's boy. He won't do something bad unless he's tricked into it (which is pretty easy to do), but will stand up for himself when he finally catches on to what's happening."

This is SO exciting! Now that fans have gotten a glimpse of what the family dynamic is going to be like, there is more talk surrounding the show.

2017 cannot come soon enough and if we're being honest here – we're getting a vision right now! What is it? It's that this spin off series is going to be freaking EPIC!

Are you going to watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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