Superstar Meghan Trainor and her boyfriend Daryl Sabara have been dating for several months now and we can't get over how adorable they are. This is Meghan's first real relationship in the spotlight and she's handling it with total grace. The Nantucket native and the Spy Kids' alum aren't seen out in public that often but when they do share their relationship with fans on social media it's EVERYTHING!

The pair actually just celebrated their nine month anniversary. Meghan posted a series of photos on Instagram with the caption, "Couldn't stop laughing while taking these adorable/lame/cute couple pics with this guy ❤ I love you @darylsabara ..Thank you for these amazing 9 months."

Besides being super happy with her love life, Meghan just hit another milestone in her life. She is Cosmopolitan magazine's May cover girl! She opened up about what it's like being a young artist and gave some juicy details about her relationship with Daryl!

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Meghan explained what their first date was like and we're totally swooning over here. But, to be honest, this is the kind of thing that gets super awkward when you're as big of a star as Meghan and just want some privacy! She said, "We went on a double date — bowling and karaoke. He kissed me at the bowling alley. I told my security to step outside ‘cause I didn’t want to be watched. LOL. He was the best kisser ever. I know I’m really good at kissing, but I was shocked when he was."

OMG! First things first, did she just throw some slight shade at Charlie Puth? No one can forget the infamous kiss Meghan and Charlie shared onstage after singing their duet together. Not only that but she also revealed that they had once kissed behind closed doors while working in the studio and there really just wasn't any spark so they continued on as friends.

meghan charlie

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Now, she's saying Daryl is the best kisser ever! Sorry, Charlie – looks like you got snubbed on that one.

Since that's cleared up, the most important thing to take away from Meghan's tidbit here is that she and Daryl have super hot chemistry! It's so great to see that he is giving her the confidence that she was looking for all along.

While we have no idea who Daryl and Meghan went on that fateful double date with, it seems like everything turned out as planned. The kiss was magical and the rest is history!

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